Men with cold cold souls
That clot like clay
Who give you poison
With a simple reason

Wealth, men who tell you
That life is dust
So dip your self in water
And I promise to collect you in the gutter

Men who tell you to kill your sire
And collect inheritance treasures
In their game of wealth
Then kindly sell you to death

Men who smoother
Your chance to greatness
And drown your hope
Roll it down a slope

Men with wild wild minds
Men who crave your end
Men who dream you to blend
So to drink your blood

Men who wouldn’t regret
To grind you like sand
And when they come tommorw
They want your vote to borrow

To improve their game
And jump to the next level
Of sucking strength from multitudes
Men with cold cold attitudes

Ever thirsty men
Thirsty of taking life
For their own sake
And when you approach a smile they fake

Men whose worst nightmares
Are your success
Men with old old hats
Of hatred like one of cats and rats

Who blame their failure
On your filthy existence
Who are locked to greed with bolts and nuts
Men with cold cold hearts

©copyright 2019




I now know why
Why people cry
Cry when others die
The spirit explodes
Leaving some smoke
That makes us chock
Then leaves us broke
Broke of happiness
But rich , rich in sadness
Then lets us burn
With a flame of grief
From its taking off explosion thats brief
Which makes us turn
To the bang produced,a bang of memories
And its replaying echo induced,in our brains
And wets our minds like flood rains
Which erode joy and leave greate gullies of pain
Gullies empty, but filled with loss
Still with wonder if silence feels remorse
I think I know why
Coldness can’t feel remorse or pain
When it conquers a soul..
Its because coldness is cold
And pain is heat
Which can’t be mixed in the same bowl
Again its old
Old with expirience
And its buttock itch to sit
And watch souls feeling warm
An ever hungry worm
I now think I know
Why we cry
When people die
Its because joy becomes shy
To shine in of man an eye
And hides its face
As the feeling of sad takes its place
Keeping hearts locked in its maze
Filled with dark
And pits with murk
Mud of soil and tears
Joy the only light leading out
And fading of the memories only hope
Ability of letting go a wavy doubt
Whether you can jump of loss the rope
I now think I know why
Men cry when people die
Its because death is smoke
That stings the eyes.

©copyright 2019



I gazed at the sky
Lit with a thousand lights
Just before I was with sleep high
Like I do all other nights

I remember just before I left
For my bouncy bed
All the stars I left
But in the morning the sky seemed dead

Only a blue cloth
Seemed to cover the earth
With some things like froth
Hanging, like it was taking a bath

I remember when it was dark
The cloth had a thousand holes
Leaking light which lit the park
And comforting the dark souls

Now all were gone
None left for me to see
Both with the moon that shone
Sad, lonely and dark I’m left to be

I remember their light was cool
But the sun burns with ire
Some times I see a pool
In front on tarmac and itch with desire

To get to it and swim
So I increase my pace
But further away it does seem
As between us never gets to reduce: the space

Instead hotter it grows
And more the pool shines
And when the sun goes
There remains no pool on the tarmac lines

And the holes between threads
Of the cloth with blue get magnified
Leaking light right above our heads
And I wish to say; that the sun died

So that I can live forever with the light
That the stars provide
But when I wake at first light
I still find the blue cloth spread neat and wide



When you see me
On my round legs
I still breath
And my stomach begs

When you see me
Holding out my dish
I’m not tapping rain
Nor drying fish

Its a request from me
To give out a cent
Or even a coin
Not rudeness I meant

When you see me
Looking at you
With sad eyes
And some look too

Not acting i be
Just trying to trigger
Any feeling of mercy
To drop a coin or something bigger

If you see me
With pupils playing
Each searching for the other
When I look at you, you leave saying;

That looking to the west I was
And you were standing south
My glance not on course
And too the words out my mouth

Putting commas inside words
Making stops between sounds
Like shuffling cards
Within words making rounds

Its not that want
But my breath is short
To hold much my lungs can’t
Thats why to unnecessary stops Im brought

Thats why I seem making a song
So just listen to the beat
Don’t mind how long
My rhythm will take to hit

Just listen
And join the dots
Then lessen
Your hurry till the Massage clots

When you see me
With a half hand
Don’t call it a curse
Or think me less a human brand

Its so simple to account
Just that my cell quantity was less
And only the unmade hand was left
But don’t think i loose in a game of chess

When you see me
And realize my pale skin
Don’t be afraid on me to lean
I’ll not Make your brain spin

Just that my pigment is thin
Thus my colour not thick
I still have a chin
And produce a human sound when I speak

When you see me
Rising up my hands and fingers
Its not dancing skill
Or that I play with my fingers

But that my sound system does not support speech
So just follow that pattern
That my fingers draw till you reach
Till my message glows like a lantern

When you can view the shape of my bones
Don’t say I’m thin
Just that I washed myself clean
Of the soil that made my hips

So when you look at me
Don’t see my bonny face
But think of the red blood
That in my veins does race

when you see me
With black glasses
But a stick with white infront
Think I use a walking stick but I don’t

When I stumble on pavements
Or take lanes that dont exist
Don’t laugh, but guide my movements
Don’t let my problems persist

Just that my sight’s megapixels
Are too small
To pick light parcels
Like they fall

When you look at me
With all this
Cheer me up please
with some coins in my bowl

And God will bore a hole
And blessings shall leak
And happiness shall make me whole
And words of gratitude I’ll speak

© copyright 2019


Friday, January 11, 2019
10:52 PM


When I think of death
I see a candle
Though it means lacking breath
And its grief we strggle to handle

The way it sheds light
When it is just new
The way it is filled with life at sight
When striked shadows weaker they grew

But with time it starts to flicker
And the shadows grow bigger
Like a brightening sticker
A darkening figure

It starts to burn with smoke
And it becomes a nagging
A chocking cloak
With some liquid sagging

And when its time
That its wick has no use
Grows weak and with life fails to rhyme
The light to darkness gets to reduce

And the other candles aside
Ooze a liquid like to cry
Mourning the other that with them did reside
Afraid of the same, to die or run dry

And to likely loose their light
Burst with smoke and fail to take a breath
Then disappear from sight
Drown in the depth of death


Christmas fever 2

Both sheep and ass,witnessed his birth
On their their manger he lay at birth
Cooler of God’s wrath
Savior of those on earth
Gold and marrh he was worth
The star guided the gifter’s path
To the place of his birth
Born by a virgin – Mary
Who thought it great and scary
She was both happy and starry
It was truth, not fairy
She gawped stooped over the holy child
Great king of glory born in the wild
In their mind the scenes were filed
After census out of the city they miled
And the child grew
Loved by men as wind blew
Carpenter’s son, never built tables askew
Not an elf but a tale that’s true”

Also caught in the story was me
Before a snowball hit me

Some thing caught my eye
Up in the clouds high

A single light burst into a million sparks
shining bright as their sound cracks

Like the stars brought close
And their twinkling to a pose

As people jumped in joyful yells
Some jingling Christmas bells

Before, it was sheep and ass
Now man sings its Christmas

Christmas fever

Red and yellow, purple and blue
Yes! All the colors I knew

All lit upon a tree
Them more than thirty three

Arranged on a stage of white
The solid cold that reflects light

All those around me
Dressed in hats of red I’d see

All dancing, making merry
Lips red like ripe strawberry

Some with twigs of mistletoe
Some chased with balls of snow

Some gathered in little groups
Around the table where everyone stoops

Some solely spoke of Santa
Some said he was a hunter

Of treasures to bring to man
Some let their throats burn

With cold bitter beers and drinks
Some took tots as the eye blinks

They occasionally loudly laughed
Surely just by joy handcuffed

I then looked through the wide window
As candles went out then rekindle

I caught glance of the grey sofa below
Below the wavy candle’s glow

Some sat chewing popcorn, some cheese
Some on the mat their knees

Children they were, filled with worry
Listening boldly as went a story………….go to part 2